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HIV Test Kit for Home

Why HIV Test Kit? Today AIDS is an epidemic which cause by HIV. Sometime people not test their status because they can not do it confidentially, But now some Home Base test kit products available in market. Those product also FDA approved and people can buy from online and it come to there home with full privacy.
Sep 8 '13

Is it Really Ok to Use a HIV Test Kit at Home and Not Go to the Hospital?

There are divided opinions about whether it is better to use a home HIV test kit or have a doctor do the testing for HIV.  Over time, doctors have been the preferred option based on their professionalism and the speed by which they conducted tests. However, home HIV test kits are fast gaining ground, especially after being endorsed by the by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

There are many benefits if you choose to test yourself for HIV at home. It is far cheaper to run these tests than to going to see a doctor. Secondly, it provides you with privacy, which is not something a doctor can completely guarantee even though he is bound by doctor and patient confidentiality. When it comes to a HIV kit, you are only identified by a number when you send your results in and nothing more.

An HIV test carried out by a doctor can be expensive, especially if multiple tests are required. Furthermore, an infected patient would have to cope with the lack of passion that doctors and nurses show with results. It is not really their fault. They are just doing their job. But it can be devastating, if news about you being infected with HIV is broken to you without feelings or show of emotional support.

Emotional support is a big plus when using a home kit, it is easy to have family or friends around as you test yourself. This type of support can make all the difference and make you live through the turmoil and pain. Alternatively, other people choose this discrete measure because they do not even want their loved ones to have any idea that they are testing for the HIV virus. So whatever is your reason, if you choose to carry out these tests at home, it is advantageous for you.

One of the minuses of an HIV test kit is that the results are not 100% accurate. And that people might still need to have doctors confirm the actual results. But for the doctor to even be sure, he might need to still carry out additional tests as well. Different tests may be needed to determine accuracy and if someone is HIV infected or not.

The choice of taking an HIV test at home or seeing a doctor ultimately falls on the person in question. What makes you comfortable?  Do you want total confidentiality? Do you want to be surrounded by friends and family when you know your status? Do you want to be sure beyond the shadow of a doubt that you are carrying the virus?  HIV test kit or HIV test by a doctor, the final choice is yours.

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